RadixPro: the indispensable aid for astrologers

RadixPro.com offers software and information for astrologers.
This site came into existence after the sites RadixPro.nl and AstroRoots.org decided to merge. RadixPro.nl is a Dutch language site but now it will be available in an English version: RadixPro.com. This site will contain texts, data and software.
Right now, you can download a free E-Book with the full text of Sepharial's Solar Epoch

What's new

Software expected in March

November 16, 2007. The first release of the RadixPro astrological software is scheduled for the end of March, 2008. Check our companion site radixpro.org for more details.

Free eBooks

October 28, 2007. We added some titles to our overview of free eBooks.

Empty and full degrees

April 29, 2007. Michael Stoop added an article about Empty and Full Degrees as described by Firmicus Maternus. John Buzzard added an on-line application to calculate the Empty and Full Degrees.


April 29, 2007. A new lay-out is introduced.


2006. Online access to coördinates of all places in the world. RadixPro gives it's visitors free access to more than three million of coördinates from places anywhere in the world. Our database of coordinates is probably the largest in the world. And it is without any doubt several times larger than commercial databases, costing hundreds of dollars. The RadixPro database is freely available without any obligation.

RadixPro Software

This site contains various examples of on-line software. But RadixPro is also building a full-fledged astrology program. This program will be provided as open source. This means that the program is free and the source-code is available. For more information on the RadixPro software: radixpro.org.

Some articles

What's next

Most of our efforts will be used to realize the free RadixPro software We also plan to have an online horoscope archive available, hopefully by the end of 2007. And of course more articles will be published.