Enigma – older version

Enigma is a program for astrological research. Last year I released the first version 2020.1. The software is free and open source.

This first release is still limited. It handles calculations and drawings of charts for a period of 30,000 years and it uses multiple configurations, making it easy to compare charts while using different techniques. In coming releasesI will expand the functionality drastically.

To gain a first impression you can check the User manual. It will give you a good impression of the possibilities and of the approach of Enigma.

You can also download the installer. It is large, about 170 mb, as it does include all datafiles for the calculations (by the Swiss Ephemeris) and a runtime for Java (which you do not need to install separately). You will need the user manual mentioned above to perform the installation.

If you are interested in the way I built Enigma, you should check RadixPro.org, here you will find a Programmers Manual and information about how to download the source code.

For dutch readers: a User manual in dutch is available at RadixPro.nl. Enigma itself is bi-lingual (dutch and english).