Annotated references for Project Houses.

This is a first approach, I will expand the list considerably.

  • Bayer, GeorgeTurning Four Hundred Years of Astrology to practical use and Other Matters. Published in 1945. I used an online version as published at which does not have a colophon. A general explanation of astrology with the intention to be used for financial speculations. On p. 64 and further the author explains a system of trisecting Placidus houses into house-decanates. This mimics an earlier system by Frank Glahn.
  • Boer, Ingmar deSectortabellen voor het APC-systeem. Stichting Werkgemeenschap van Astrologen, Utrecht, 2001 (colophon), 2002 (introduction). Online at: Table of houses for the APC-system. Includes formulas for the calculation of this system. (Dutch).
  • Brennan, ChrisHellenistic Astrology: The Study of Fate and Fortune. Denver, Colorado, 2017. Chapters 11 and 12 contain a lot of information on Hellenistic houses.
  • Cumont, Franz and Franz Boll: Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum V. Partem Priorem. Codicum Romanorum. Brussel, 1904. Among others the Isagoge by Porphyrius. Download at (Greek, comments in Latin).
  • Dean, Geoffrey and Arthur MatherRecent Advances in Natal Astrology. Bromley, 1977. In the chapter Houses a clear description of the basic principles and formulas for the most important systems.
  • Duval, MaxLa domification et les transits. Paris, 1984. (french). Extensive description of known, but also less known, systems. Includes formulas. (French).
  • Faresijn, AndréHuizensystemen in de astrologie. In Vlaams Astrologisch Tijdschrift nr. 97, vol. 25, June 21, 2000. Short description of some systems in relation to the polar problem. Also gives the result of an investigation into accuracy of 10 housesystems. (Dutch).
  • Gorter, Corn.De techniek der astrologie. Den Haag, z.j. Astrological calculations, a short description of Porphyri, Alcabitius (incorrectly categorised as Albategnius), Campanus, Regiomontanus and Placidus. (Dutch).
  • Hentges, ErnstRegiomontanus: Biografische Skizze. Zenit 6, 1934. Online at . Biography of Regiomontanus. (German).
  • Holden, Ralph WilliamThe elements of house division. Romford, 1977. An overview of 14 of the most important house systems. Also a description of several problems that can arise when constructing houses.
  • Houlding, DeborahThe Houses: Temples of the Sky. Bournemouth, 2006, 2nd edition. Houlding believes that the supposed similarity between houses and signs dilutes the original meanings. She describes several systems but also gives much attention to the underlying principles of houses.
  • Kampherbeek, JanIs er een huizenprobleem? In Spica vol. 3 nr 1. Enschede, April 1979. An attempt to relativate the problem of the different house systems. (Dutch).
  • Kampherbeek, JanEclipticale huizen. In Spica vol. 3 nr 2/3. Enschede, June/September 1979. A description of the most important ecliptical house systems. (Dutch).
  • Kampherbeek, JanHet huizensysteem van Alcabitius. In Spica vol. 3 nr. 4. Enschede, Januar 1980. A description of and calculation example for the system of Alcabitius. Description and calculations are based on semi-arcs. (Dutch).
  • Kampherbeek, JanHet huizensysteem van Campanus. In Spica vol. 4 nr. 1. Enschede, April 1980. Description of the Campanus system and of some arguments for and against this system. Includes the formulas and an example calculation. (Dutch).
  • Kampherbeek, JanHet huizensysteem van Regiomontanus. In Spica, vol. 4 nr. 3. Enschede, October 1980. History and design of the system of Regiomontanus. Includes formulas, an example calculation and some arguments by proponents and adversaries. (Dutch).
  • Kemp, Chester A. – The elements of house division by Ralph William Holden. Review in Astrological Journal, vol. 20 nr. 4. London, Autumn 1978.
  • Knappich, WilhelmTradition und Fortschritt der klassischen Astrologie. In Qualität der Zeit nr. 28/39. Vienna, September 1978. Detailed overview of a large number of house systems, both historically and technically. Knappich describes the historical development in a broad sense and makes sure the houses are seen in a correct context. This work contains many formulas. A required standard work. Written in 1966. (German).
  • Koch, Walter and Wilhelm KnappichHoroskop und Himmelshäuser. 1. Teil. Grundlagen und Altertum. Göppingen, 1959. History of house systems; describes many unknown systems. Also contains an overview of the historical development of the meaning of the separate houses. (German).
  • Munkasey, MichaelThe Astrological thesaurus. Book 1. St. Paul, 1993. A book with keywords for the analysis of houses. Contains an appendix with description of many house systems, including formula’s.
  • North, John D.Horoscopes and History. London, 1986. A detailed overview of the history of astrological houses and related calculations.
  • Plantiko, RüdigerOn Dividing the Sky (Preliminary version). No place, 2004. Download at: . Accurate technical explanation, both astronomical and mathematical, of a range of house systems.
  • Polich, VendelThe topocentric system. With tables of houses and oblique ascension for all latitudes 0° – 90°. Translated by Jose M. Lebron. Buenos Aires, 1975. Definition of the Topocentric system, includes formula’s, drawings, tables. The author aims to present proofs for this system.
  • Scofield, BruceWhy I use Porphyry Houses. In The Ascendant, Connecticut, Fall/Winter 1992/1993. On-line at (checked 2017-6-19). Scofield describes a test with transits on the cusps of his own chart and states that Porphyri gives the best results.
  • Valens, VettiusAnthology, Book II (concl.), & Book III. Tr. Robert Schmidt, ed. Robert Hand. Project Hindsight, Greek Track, Volume VIII. Berkeley Springs, WV, 1994. Describes in book 3, chapter 2 a division of the quadrants that matches the Porphyri house system.
  • Weisschnur, AngelikaNeue Häuser-Systeme, eins blöder als das andere! In Astrologische Aufkunftsbogen vol. 22, nr. 254. Hannover, August 1972. Short description of, and sharp criticism on, the further unknown system of Kremser. (German).
  • Wiesel, ErichDas Astrologische Häuser-Problem. München-Planegg, 1930. Description of the most important systems of houses and of some experimental systems of german origin. (German).