Using R

For statistics, people often use SPSS, a statistical package that is around for quite some time.
However, the hegemony of SPSS is pretty much challenged by R, an environment and programming language that is open source, free and offers an extremely wide spectrum of statistical functionality. Currently, R is gaining momentum and certainly a worthy replacement for SPSS. R does not offer a graphical user interface but another party supplies RStudio, both in a commercial and in a free version. RStudio is available as a free open source version and the only difference with the commercial versions is the support provided.
So R and RStudio offer a good way to handle statistics. Therefore I will make it possible for Enigma to export data to an R environment and possibly even make a direct connection. If you want to use SPSS that should not be a problem as the data can be exported in a generic format that is also recognizable by SPSS. But the focus of Enigma will be on R.
You can find more information on R at
For RStudio have a look at

Enigma release 0.2

Enigma will show a lot of astronomical data. In the screenshot, you see some data as currently calculated. This is done in release 0.2 which now is finished. The next release 0.3 will be mostly about improving the code. The result of that release will be published. For an executable program, you will need to wait until release 0.6 which will appear in a few months.