Formula for the oblique angle of the ecliptic

For almost all calculations you need to know the value of the angle between equator and ecliptic. That angle is relatively constant but over longer periods of time the value does change. You can handle these changes now: at RadixPro you will find formulas for the calculation of Epsilon as this angle is called by astronomers.

Astronomical formulas

Astronomy and mathematics, it is not everybody’s hobby. But you do need it if you want to practice astrology. In most cases the computer will handle these kind of tough jobs. But maybe you want more insight or you want to program yourself. Then it is necessary to understand more of the technical stuff.

At RadixPro I will publish formulas at a regular base. My ultimate goal is to cover all important calculations. For now I created a simple start: Astronomical formula for astrologers

A new site

RadixPro starts anew. I removed all existing content. Soon you will find new information and software on this site. The information will focus on backgrounds of astrology and can help you to understand what astrology is all about. The software might help you to experiment for yourself.

What can you expect on the new RadixPro?

  • The houses project. A description of many house systems, astronomically but also in a way that makes sense for readers that are not versed in mathematics and astronomy.
  • Descriptions of less known systems. I intend to describe the system of the dutch WvA (School of Ram), the Hamburger School (Uranian Astrology), declinations as used by Kt Boehrer, domination and framing as proposed by Alexander Volguine.
  • Manuals for research. How to use statistics but even more important: when to use statistics and when not.
  • Software: applications for statistical research, analysing cycles and for serveral less known techniques and systems. For common software for analysis of horoscopes I would like to refer to the excellent program PlanetDance by Jean Cremers.

First quakes

As a first activity I will publish shortly a program for the astrological analysis of the dates of earthquakes.