Enigma release 0.3 is ready

A new release of Enigma is available. The previous release was only a few weeks ago but Enigma 0.3 still contains some important additions. You can now calculate Jean Carteret’s hypothetical planets Persephone and Vulcanus, as well as the corrected Black Moon according to the well-known green book of Duval and Font. For this, I use the formulas published by Cees Jansen in the Newsletter of the NVWOA.

Enigma now supports importing horoscopes from PlanetDance. You can export a complete database from PlanetDance and import the data into Enigma. Enigma then recalculates the positions so that you can always make new choices (house system, orbs etc.).

You can now specify which colors you want to use for aspects. For triangle and sextile, you prefer blue to green? No problem. You can also give a particular aspect a special color, which can be useful when researching that aspect.

Finally, I fixed two bugs: the menu for secondary directors was missing an icon. And the data files of Hygeia and Astraea were missing so you could not calculate these points. That is now fixed.

Enigma 0.4 will take a little longer and contain a lot of additional functionality. This mainly involves declinations. I am adding multiple techniques and also the ability to examine these techniques statistically. And I will start adding cycles. You can already calculate those via a separate program but I want to integrate this into Enigma itself, obviously trying to make improvements while doing so.

Release 0.5 will in principle contain several techniques for primary directions and the possibility of exporting Enigma data to PlanetDance, among others.

I am not yet looking much further ahead.

Enigma is free and there are no restrictions on its use. You can use the program also if you make money with it, for example through consultations or publications. Enigma is open source and written in up-to-date programming techniques. If I drop out, a good programmer can adopt it in no time. The program is extensively documented so you can quickly become familiar with it. And much of it is already tested automatically so the chance of errors is relatively small.

You will find more information at the Enigma page.