Enigma release 0.4 with support for declinations

As of today, release 0.4 of Enigma is available. This release offers a lot of functionality in the area of declinations, both for analyzing horoscopes and for doing research.

The following functionality is new:

  • Calculation of parallels and contra parallels in declination.
  • Midpoints in declination.
  • The longitude equivalents as defined by Kt Boehrer.
  • The declination diagram, also according to Kt Boehrer.
  • A declination strip that allows a quick visual overview of declinations.
  • An OOB calendar that shows moments when planets get Out of Bounds or get In Bounds again. The calendar is based on secondary directions.

For research, you now also have the following methods at your disposal:

  • Counting parallels and contra parallels.
  • Counting occupied midpoints in declination.
  • Counting of planets that are OOB.

In addition, there are some minor changes:

  • You can sort orbs and orb percentages (thanks to a contribution from Gökhan Yu).
  • The inclination of the Earth’s axis now always includes nutation (so it is a bit more exact).
  • If you generate control groups for research you can now choose the multipliers 1, 10, 100, and 1000.

Initially, I planned to include cycles in the current release, but I am moving that up to release 0.6.

Enigma 0.5 will focus on primary directives. This will cover a wide range of directions, so not just Wim van Dam’s method. I am also trying to add techniques from the legendary program Polaris – especially topocentric directions – to Enigma.

Enigma is free and there are no restrictions on that. You may use the program even if you make money from it, such as through consultations or publications. Enigma is also open source and built with up-to-date programming techniques. If I drop out, a good programmer can adopt it in no time. The program is extensively documented so you can quickly become familiar with it. And much of it is already tested automatically so the chance of errors is relatively small.

Check the Enigma page for more information.