Enigma – in full Enigma Astrology Research – is an astrology program for Windows with a focus on astrological research.
Initially, Enigma consisted of separate modules but has now been redesigned. There is one program that will eventually include all the functionality of the existing modules and much more.

Chart as calculated and drawn by Enigma.

You can download the first release of Enigma in the new set-up: version 0.1. This version supports the calculation, drawing, and analysis of horoscopes and some forms of astrological research. There is a database for horoscope data and the program has extensive documentation, both in the form of help screens and via a comprehensive user manual.

Planning for the upcoming version has been done in the form of a roadmap.

Enigma is free and open source. Anyone can view the code and as a programmer, you are free to use (parts of) the code, provided the software in which you include that code is itself open source.

You can download Enigma and its documentation via the following links:

Enigma runs on recent Windows versions, including Windows 11 and on Windows 10. However, if you use Windows 10, you do need to install additional software. You notice this after starting Enigma. If a window appears saying “You must install .NET Desktop Runtime to run this application”, click ‘Yes’. After installation, Enigma will start without this message.

Previous versions

Four earlier versions of Enigma exist.

In the future, I will include all functionality of these older versions in the new releases.