Enigma Cycles 0.1.1 – beta

Via RadixPro you can download the application Enigma Cycles. It is an updated version: 0.1.1 . The program is still in beta but has been tested pretty extensively.

The most important functionality

  • Calculation of cycles for almost all important celestial points (30 in total).
  •  Positions in longitude, latitude, right ascension, declination, and distance.
  • Tropical and sidereal positions.
  • Geocentric and heliocentric positions.
  • Exact positions due to the use of the Swiss Ephemeris.
  • Calculations from 13,000 BCE until 16,799 CE: almost 30,000 years.
  • All results are shown in a table on your screen and are saved automatically in a csv file that you can import into a spreadsheet application.
  • Line chart with a graphical presentation of the cycle.
  • Bar chart with the frequencies per degree.
  • Possibility to zoom in on the diagrams.
  • Export the diagrams to a PNG file.
  • The program is bi-lingual (English and Dutch).
  • Extensive help-functionality.
  • Complete user manual.
  • The program runs on PCs with Windows (tested on Windows 10) with a full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels).
  • Enigma Cycles is free and open source.


Download the installation file and the user manual. In the manual, you will find information about the installation.
Important: use the standard folder for installation.

Information for developers: http://radixpro.org/cycles